Welcome to Bijou Villa Now

Bijou Villa Now is our new communications portal for everything related to Bijou Villa. BVN will provide home-owners and residents with the most current information related our community.

This system gives us the ability to communicate with you in the event of an emergency via SMS & Email. In order for this to happen we must have your information in the system. We understand that some members of the community may not have an email address. If this is the case we will create your own bijouvillanow.com email so you too can have access to everything Bijou.

One of the goals of Bijou Villa Now is to reduce response time and create a more stream-lined communication flow for you connect to the board and management company. This includes general inquiries, maintenance request.

We will implement more features within the upcoming months including contractor accounts. Prior to any work being complete your licensed contractor will be required to create an account to upload permits, insurances, etc. This is to ensure that the management company knows who is on property as well as for the safety of our community. We will provide you with more information in the upcoming weeks. 

You can easily access Bijou Villa Now anytime by visiting www.bijouvillanow.com 

To begin homeowners & residents can register by clicking the link on the top right hand corner or by clicking here. 
Please note it may take up to 24 hours for your account to be activated. 

Board of Directors Mission Statement

“Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community through effective and proactive management of our resources and our common areas; reliable and consistent enforcement of our rules and covenants; and providing ethical and fiscally responsible solutions that promote a strong sense of community in order to optimize our property values and plan for the future”

HOA business will be conducted in a very proactive and openly transparent manner.


  • To ensure that all of our financial and legal obligations have been met and that all of our records are 100% up-to-date. We will seek (working with our property management group) the best and most practical companies for all contracted services, insurance policies, maintenance of our pool and common areas, and make prompt repairs or improvements where needed.
  • To update our By-Laws and Rules and Regulations with attorney review and distribute to the community.
  • To ensure that covenant and rule violations are promptly and fairly addressed so that our neighborhood is a respectful and safe environment for everyone.
  • To continue to recover on an ongoing basis, the outstanding maintenance fees and violations (over the past 5 years) that have not previously been enforced.
    • Appropriate consequences (Liens and privileges), will follow for violators that do not comply with reimbursements for outstanding maintenance fees and fines.
  • To enhance security for our community and to effectively deal with any (subsequent) possible criminal activity and/or extreme violations of our rules and regulations.
  • Our new community website (you are viewing) will provide links and access to information, documentation, resources, and much more. All HOA business will be posted here for easy access for all homeowners as well as a calendar of events and meeting postings.
  • The HOA Board will maintain transparency at all times. Homeowners will receive updated financial and operational reports via website and when requested, by mail.
  • Periodic Newsletters will be posted on the new website. These will include a summary of Board actions, issues, proposed actions and events, and anything else that might be of interest to owners and residents. Every homeowner is encouraged to submit ideas and proposals to the Webmaster and management for inclusion on the website.
  • We are actively seeking and promoting the involvement of our residents in all HOA and community affairs. Everyone can (and should) contribute to our success.
  • Stay tuned for additional information and action